– – Biography – –
Exploded: furious thrash metal from Rotterdam!

Back in 2010, Exploded rose from the ashes of Batter, the former band of Rudi de Pont and Thierry. They found a second guitarist and bassist in Merijn and Alex Schluter. Death metal grunter Erwin took the vocal challenge and tried an alternative approach for a different genre. His loud screams complete the aggressive sound Exploded was looking for. Although inspired by bands such as Sepultura, Annihilator, Slayer, Kreator and Exodus, the band quickly found their own sound.

Exploded released their first killer EP in 2013, entitled ‘Gather all Destructive Strength’. The aggression in the music made metal heads strongly look forward to experience Exploded live. A few quotes from numerous reviews: “’Pay and Die’ gives us the raw German version of thrash, in which chaos positively dominates, alternated with more melodic riffs that remind us of Bay Area thrash.” (Lords of Metal) “It’s impossible to sit still while listening to this furious thrash metal. I absolutely expect Exploded to reign on stage.” (Wings of death)

Shortly after this feat of arms, Tom took the spot Alex left after quitting the band.

In this line up, a second EP was recorded, entitled ‘You are Already Dead’. Again, in cooperation with the talented producer Tom van Iersel. The 27th of September (2016) the videoclip of “Machine and Man” was released to honour the 1991 classic movie ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’. The EP is released in april 2017, and coincided with welcoming a new guitar player: Jonas took the open spot that Rudi left.

Exploded is, once again, totally ready to hit the stage!

– – Line-up – –
Erwin van Veldhoven – Vocals
Jonas Vos – Rhythm & solo guitar
Merijn Schenkels – Rhythm & solo guitar, backing vocals
Tom van Boxtel – Bass guitar, backing vocals
Thierry de Keizer – Drums

Guys who’ve played in various other metal bands, such as Warmaster, Dark Remains and Solarfall.